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London, England, United Kingdom


7digital is a b2b digital music solutions company. We work with clients and partners to transform the listening experience for music fans like you, around the world. Our digital music platform and flexible APIs are used to power comprehensive music and radio services for leading consumer brands, mobile carriers, automotive systems, retailers, broadcasters and record labels. Alongside great technology, we offer global music rights, award-winning radio production services, and content management expertise, making us a leading global partner in the digital music industry.

We are looking for a mid level NodeJs developer who;

As part of the Partner Integrations team, you will be building api integrations with our partners to help enhance our Core Api and Platform offerings, and client facing services for streaming, interactive and traditional terrestrial radio services. Our focus is to deliver efficient, reliable solutions for 7digital client business problems as well as offering best in class technical solutions.

We’re working at significant scale – our API Platform is handling billions of requests per month and growing quickly. You’ll be joining an enthusiastic team who enjoy what they do. Things like Pair Programming, TDD/BDD, Refactoring, Retrospectives and Continuous Integration and Delivery are deeply embedded and we’re constantly striving to improve the way we work. We know typing is not the bottleneck, so there are plenty of other things going on:

Technology you'll get to use

Our production systems predominantly use Nodejs hosted in AWS via Lambda or Docker/ElasticBeanstalk. We’d be interested in you if you’re from any background as long as you have a keen understanding of good programming practices. We have a strong devops culture and like to use services that help us create great products; from CDNs to monitoring to anomaly detection. We’d expect you to be proficient in more than one technology stack. Here’s a sample list of technologies we currently use:


In terms of skills

About You

You care about software; you have a passion for what you do which you can clearly convey by your actions rather than just personal statements on your CV. For you it’s more than a job. You like to pick the right tool for the task at hand.

You believe software development involves a lot more than just writing code. You see it as your remit to really understand our domain so we can all deliver as much value to the business as possible. When you do write code you believe it has to be done really well. To you, quality (both internal and external) really matters. These are things we really care about.

Experience otherwise is relative – 2-3 years working in an agile/XP manner is worth much more to us than 5 in a traditional environment. If you’ve not got working experience with things like TDD (Test Driven Development) and refactoring (maybe you’ve always wanted to but your current job doesn’t allow for it) show us you’re at least familiar with the concepts and that you really want to work in this kind of environment and you’re still in with a good chance.


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